Enduro days in Pyrenees with team Skytta

Enduro riders in Pyrenees

Since the snow is almost gone, the uplifted enduro experiences in Pyrenees started this last week with an amazing team from Norway that we picked up at the Barcelona airport past Thrusday. The 6 riders booked a 4 days trip in Pyrenees playground, they were the firsts on riding the mountain trails around Cerdanya valley this 2016 season, and they had great fun. Here, we'll tell you just a little part of they dreams that turned to reality!

Endre's Team in the single trails days in Barcelona

Barcelona Skyline

We had the pleasure to be part of the planning for a 40th anniversary guiding them through 2 days of mountain biking in Barcelona hills.

The Parc de Collserola is a green area colliding the city, and this 5 members team composed by Endre, Kjell, Geir, Rolf and Arnstein have been pedalling for two days. 

Happy bicycle day

cerdanya mtb challenge

In this post, we share a video with the aim to celebrate tomorrow's international bicycle day. This picture is a frame from the drone's shooting over the Segre river singletrack. We hope everybody will have the chance to share a ride with all the bikers from all over the world. As we always say, bicycles are foundations of many friendships, that's why we encourage you to share this pedal's passion with your mates, and sure the bikes will open your minds and will present you someone worthwhile. Click below and see the video!

Undiscovered Singletrack Glory In The Shadow of the Eiger

Riders on the downhill

In this episode of Singletrack Switzerland, Brice Shirbach and Carston Oliver  join up with EWS destroyer Francois Baily-Maître to venture to the Jungfrau Region in Switzerland, where they explore the little-known but incredible trails in a region rich with mountaineering and outdoor sport history.

We, at Pyrenees, don't have the Eiger, but we do have the unknow incredible trails ... AND THE SUN!!

Last competition before the high season

foto ferestec

Since the high season is already here, our team has to forget about races. We are not racers, but we do like to get involved in some of the nicest races around, and this is how the guides gets fitted before your arrival.  It is true that checking some paths is becoming a good training, as well as discovering new itineraries in new playgrounds. As the mtbdreamers crew knows, we do like to expand our cycling territory every season.