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The Catalan field, a piece of manicured court into the wild

Hot and sunny most of the year. From April to November. Expect it to be dry and averaging 25C. Smooth sunny winters averaging 14C (fresher in the mountains, warmer near the coast).

Between 2500 mts down to 800mts above the sea levelin a sunny valley averaging 325 sunny days a year, splitted by the Segre River, it is wrapped by mountain peaks reaching close to 3000 meters heigh. This valley is considered by the European elite sportsmen like one of the best spots to train due to its geographical unique attributes. Next to the french border, you will enjoy breath-taking scenery, crossing two Natural Parks. Serra del Cadi National Park with its stunning mountain chain and the vast Pyrenees Catalans National Park”. Both have rich and diverse natural habitats; everlasting pine, fir, oak, holm oak and beech trees forests. The riding surface varies as well as the trees gives way to other oaks, meadows and valleys protected and cared as few. This playground gives us the chance to relax on the ancient romans baths enjoyeing open-air those curative waters. If you are the mountain adventurous type, those altitudes will delight your senses.

Between 1600 mts at the max in Montseny National Park, and at 515 mts in the surrounding Collserola natural reserve highest peak, most of them arrives ‘til the sea. Discovering the best bird-eye views over the city by cycling Collserola hills, with its narrow paths and epic trails that leads us to infinite dreams. Once in the woods, you will forget you are in Barcelona. Enjoy your passion every morning and then the stunning views from the seaside show up again. Let's get lunch and if you want to discover the city with a bunch of activities according to your lifestyle (...or ask for more singletrack!!). This playground has a bunch of activities to offer merging your lifestyle with Barcelona's beat. Let us know your interest and set up your customized urban itinerary. Barcelona, one of the world's most captivating cities!

Girona’s coast
Gloriously wild in parts and tastefully manicured in others, the Costa has some of the finest Blue Flag beaches in Europe, with its coastal trails, sandy stretches to elegant horseshoe bays, secluded smugglers’ coves. The highest altitude is 1100 mts reached inland but many of them go down til the sea level. The north side is very rocky and there's less vegetation, it's a moonlike landscape reaching the Mediterranean Sea. Breath-taking contrast of shades and colors thanks to the diversity of the multiple natural habitats awaits you in Girona’s highlands and crystal water beaches with emerald waters, a serie of successive sceneries of extraordinary beauty.