Last competition before the high season

foto ferestec

Since the high season is already here, our team has to forget about races. We are not racers, but we do like to get involved in some of the nicest races around, and this is how the guides gets fitted before your arrival.  It is true that checking some paths is becoming a good training, as well as discovering new itineraries in new playgrounds. As the mtbdreamers crew knows, we do like to expand our cycling territory every season.


After being in Andalucia Bike Race and Volcat, this last race, called Ferestec, was in Prats de Lluçanes. This is an amazing palyground in the pre-pyrenees area and where we have plenty of friends. The organization set up every year an incredibly beautiful 70k XC itinerary and mostly in singletrails. We do really love this event for several reason; besides the beauty of the playground, the amount of funny technical paths and the local friends, we have to say that this is an old school race in the best meaning you could imagine. Obviously, the count on the best timing services, feed zones, safety planning,etc... But what we like the most is that this race is organized by mountain bikers for mountain bikers. They make it with tones of passion, it is not a business, it is just what they like to do and what they like to share with the bikers community.

And we're very happy to tell everybody that the winner was our friend Adrià Noguera (Buff Pro Team). It is true he was born and lives in Prats de Lluçanes, he was the local. But he ended with more than 3 minuts of advantatge against the second biker on the podium. Congrats Adrià, "you are very boss" :D

We've been there Joan Gurguí and Jordi Bonet as mtbdreamers, making a test for a dreamed duo racing together. And the result was quite good since both of us enjoys the technical trails.

For us, this race is a must every year. Hope to see you all next year in Ferestec Lluçanes pedalling hard and dreaming big.