The dream team on a singletrack trip

Those were 3 days of pure mountain-bike, reaching big figures with this team of 9 awesome riders that made 200km, an elevation gain of +7000mts, and thank to one shuttle every afternoon, a total descent of  -11000mts!! This is their 3rd trip with us, would you like to discover why?....

This bunch of friends books a trip every year since the very beginning, and for us they are the most challenging one in terms of mtb riding.

This summer we went to Benasque valley for the first stage, reaching high altitudes at Gallinero Trail (2500mts), surrounding one of the highest summits in Pyrenees called Aneto (3404mts), and then descending towards Castejon de Sos (850mts) in the bottom of the valley. Then the second stage itinerary linked this valley with the western one called Ainsa. Here in Ainsa, a huge biking community takes care of the Zona Zero enduro trails. They make it so well that the 7th Enduro World Series 2015 took place there and was awarded as the best 2015 race. Finally, the 3rd stage was focused on riding the nicest trails in this area. 

These riders are trained and all of them have been riding mtb since the early 90's. They like to climb a lot, feeling sored legs every noon, but they ask for the nicest singletracks on the descends. So far, they have showed their skills and they deserve all the best trails. This summer, we've set up a planning with 6 hours rides in the mornings, both pedaling hard and descending in the most technical trails, and then we add one van shuttle in the afternoon for those who wants more and more flow. This was a very keen offer they enjoyed a lot. 

Besides, since the after-biking is meant to be the icing of the cake, the beers and claras (beer mixed with lemonade) session before dinners were memorable, as well as the local cuisine this mountainside offers. 

DSCN0255weblog 2

This time, this group is no longer waiting an entire year to come back; we have planned a 3 days  winter in southern Spain to make it easier.

We recommend you to take a look at the photo album to see how great was this trip in the link below:

We would like to thank you all ( Markus, Petter, Beto, Uri, Alexis, Joao, Lalos, Farreti) for that big amount of fun we made happen. And to my dear Christophe, the easygoing driver that helped us in the logístics! 

Cheers !