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  • Enduro, a journey through the endless descending singletrack


Who is Mtb Dreams?

Started in 2012 by Jordi Bonet, MTB Dreams is set up to cater for the novice to experienced mountain or road bikers who doesn’t want to waste time on the wrong track or fire roads. Our holidays are for riders who want to push themselves to new limits on technically demanding, twisting singletrack and routes If you are just starting out or want to improve your skills we can provide excellent coaching which will get your riding where you never thought you’d dare try. We have the governments certificate as legal travel agency (GC nº1655) and our guides are certified too.

Do you have rental bikes or may I bring mine?

We have several hire bikes for hire. We do think that riding own’s bike’s always a plus. Please contact us for sizes and spec.

How do I have to pack my bike?

We recommend using a bike bag with a bike box inside it. The approximate time for packing up a bike is 30 minutes to 1 hour. Please check the terms and conditions of your carrier to ensure your packed bike does not exceed weight limits. Contact us and we’ll answer within a few hours.

What does the price includes?

Your money takes care of transfers to and from Barcelona or Girona airports, transport throughout the stay, accommodation, breakfast supplies, certified expert guiding and all shuttling.

Could my non-biking family or friends come?

Absolutely, We can arrange a week’s itinerary of activities for family or friends or they can pick and choose upon arrival. There are plenty of activities for the non-MTBer such as walking, horse riding, paragliding, sunbathing on the beach.

When are those trips available?

All Year round.

What kind of tech skills? of fitness do I need?

We will customise the week for you accordingly. If you ride regularly, for example every other weekend then you will be fine. We will ride easier trails that, as the week progresses, will increase in severity in relation to your skill. If you are willing to learn we will get you riding very difficult MTB Dreams, roll-ins and rocky sections which will improve your riding exponentially.

Is there any support vehicle?

Yes. We do have a suport vehicle, and f you prefer to start the day fresh we can shuttle you most of the way up.

I feel beginner, is that my trip?

We get regular enquiries from female riders and couples worried about the apparent demanding nature of our trails and that they might be ´too much´ for their skills. This is absolutely not the case and on the contrary with the appropriate coaching, a vast improvement in skills and confidence is what is found. ALL riders are pushed by some of the trails and/or corners here but the vast majority go away having overcome these and leave better mountain bikers.

The Catalan field, a piece of manicured court into the wild

Hot and sunny most of the year. From April to November. Expect it to be dry and averaging 25C. Smooth sunny winters averaging 14C (fresher in the mountains, warmer near the coast).

Between 2500 mts down to 800mts above the sea levelin a sunny valley averaging 325 sunny days a year, splitted by the Segre River, it is wrapped by mountain peaks reaching close to 3000 meters heigh. This valley is considered by the European elite sportsmen like one of the best spots to train due to its geographical unique attributes. Next to the french border, you will enjoy breath-taking scenery, crossing two Natural Parks. Serra del Cadi National Park with its stunning mountain chain and the vast Pyrenees Catalans National Park”. Both have rich and diverse natural habitats; everlasting pine, fir, oak, holm oak and beech trees forests. The riding surface varies as well as the trees gives way to other oaks, meadows and valleys protected and cared as few. This playground gives us the chance to relax on the ancient romans baths enjoyeing open-air those curative waters. If you are the mountain adventurous type, those altitudes will delight your senses.

Between 1600 mts at the max in Montseny National Park, and at 515 mts in the surrounding Collserola natural reserve highest peak, most of them arrives ‘til the sea. Discovering the best bird-eye views over the city by cycling Collserola hills, with its narrow paths and epic trails that leads us to infinite dreams. Once in the woods, you will forget you are in Barcelona. Enjoy your passion every morning and then the stunning views from the seaside show up again. Let's get lunch and if you want to discover the city with a bunch of activities according to your lifestyle (...or ask for more singletrack!!). This playground has a bunch of activities to offer merging your lifestyle with Barcelona's beat. Let us know your interest and set up your customized urban itinerary. Barcelona, one of the world's most captivating cities!

Girona’s coast
Gloriously wild in parts and tastefully manicured in others, the Costa has some of the finest Blue Flag beaches in Europe, with its coastal trails, sandy stretches to elegant horseshoe bays, secluded smugglers’ coves. The highest altitude is 1100 mts reached inland but many of them go down til the sea level. The north side is very rocky and there's less vegetation, it's a moonlike landscape reaching the Mediterranean Sea. Breath-taking contrast of shades and colors thanks to the diversity of the multiple natural habitats awaits you in Girona’s highlands and crystal water beaches with emerald waters, a serie of successive sceneries of extraordinary beauty.

Mtb Dreamers alongside with you

You will have the dreamed experience with a friendly, resourceful and creative adventure design team. We love riding the nature enjoying the border of pleasure and sweating.

Jordi Bonet
Having lived between Barcelona and the Pyrenees’ valleys, this complete rider may wear the enduro jersey as well the day after the CX ride is leaded by himself. He plays as local everywhere in the Catalan cycling field and have hence a deep knowledge of the area. An experienced local crew make his tasks effortless and provide you with the best service you could imagine. Jordi has an unsurpassed passion for mountain biking, having fun in the sun on his bike. Owner-operator Mtb dreams cycling trips, he’s been skiman, trade consultant, producer and nowadays travel agent and guide. He has one piece of a dreamer 3 years old kid.

Anna Sastre
Is the creative side who empowers all the crew, she’s also the beauty and the one who help us in communication and logistics tasks. But above all Anna is excellent on anticipating needs and always with an attention to detail that makes your stay stress free.

Adrian Otero
Having in his hands worldclass elit sportsmen regularly, this ostheopat born in Argentina is the clue for the painless recoveries, to improve the training output and, besides all this, a great person with tones of histories that will make you feel like at a friend’s home. When everyone else just makes it Adrian makes it look soooo easy.

Jordi Martos
Trailbuilder, trackhunter, bike loader, inventor and driver and above all, a big everlasting smile, What could we do without him?

Testimonials - some already returners

"Yeah, those were great days! Coming back next year, for sure!"

Oyvind Ostvedt (Norway)

"The best day riding my mtb in my life"

Christian Evensen (Tonsberg, Norway)

"We had a great time riding around barcelona... We had only two days, and on a days notice we were lucky that Mtb Dreams could ride with us. We traveled singles in colleserola park, and to the Monntesrat. (Which is a steep and thecnical route...) We had a great vacation! Next time this year we're getting to the pyrenees!"

Guy Saar (Tel Aviv, Israel)

"Mtb Dreams team made my mtb dreams come true, further than expectations."

Geir Jangas (Norway)

"Five days in the great outdoors riding those so technical and challenging trails! Jordi is great at anticipating needs…and rocks ;-"

Albright Tequel (Munchen, GERMANY)

"We had 3 days mountain biking around "La Cerdanya" in a group of 12 people. Incredible routes, views, and catered meals. MTB Dreams has exceed all my expectations. All the staff are great guys with a lot of experience on biking. We'll come again."

Albert Farré (Barcelona, Spain)

"Mtb Dreams provided an extraordinary 5 day experience in Catalonia combining mountain biking in the Pyrennes, hiking Montserrat and sight seeing in Barcelona. They bring expert knowledge of the area, unique catered meals including a dinner with a Catalonian chef, all transportation and an apartment in Barcelona adjacent to Park Güell, prepurchased tickets to popular destinations avoiding long lines and an attention to detail that made our brief stay stress free."

Dave Burkey (Maine, USA)

"A great five day excursion ideal for the Mountain Bike, mountain, nature and good vibes enthusiasts. You cannot miss this adventure!"


"La expereincia ha sido fantástica. No se me ocurre mejor manera para conocer La Cerdanya para los que amamos la bici de montaña que estos días de rutas. Vuestra implicación, moticación y el estar pendientes de todos los detalles hace que todo sea muy fácil. Sólo tienes que preocuparte de pedalear, de disfrutar del paisaje y de los amigos, del resto os encargais vosotros."

Ramon Santocildes (Barcelona, Spain)

Inmejorables senderos y mejor aún inmejorables guías. Me han tratado como si de la familia se tratara, 100% recomendable, repetiré seguro!!

(Malaga, Spain)

"Jordi is excellent at adapting the level of trails to the participants. We feel that is good at seing all parts of the group. The trails were great fun and he found trails with the right level fo challenges! Jordi is fantastic person and the ebst guide to spend teh day with!"

Endre, Arnstein, Rolf, Geir and Kjell ( Norway)