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  • Enduro, a journey through the endless descending singletrack

Whether in the Pyrennes, in the coastal tracks , inland’s highlands or the outskirts of Barcelona city, Catalunya is an infinite playground with mind-blowing landscapes … and the Sun!


Average of 1000 vertical meters up and 5000 vertical meters down.


Weekly average of 3000 vertical metres up and 15000 vertical metres down.

Selected Lines

We have a selection of approximately 50 different tracks to choose from (all in singletrack!).

  • Given as part of a regular days ride, tips on body-balance on the bike, fine tuning setting up the machine, just to name a few will make you dab less and stop you from walking tricky bits, simple techniques on varying trail conditions that will get you riding more confidently and faster. We will stop at a particular section of trail where a new level of skill can be acquired, riding a rock garden safely or repeting a steep step or wet roots. And the result in a gradual increase in technical gain. Available for novice to medium riders, most come away riding small drops and tight rocky corners.
  • The terrain is varying betweeen and even inside the playgrounds; some are loose, dry, fast and flowing to rocky and a fair few tight corners thrown in. Others are a bit muddy, even grassy in the highest mountains with lots of grip.
  • Bring your own bike (see FAQs) or We have a small selection of enduro hire bikes on offer. Prices are – 50€ day or 280€ for a week. Of course nothing can compare to your own trusty steed but our bikes are very well prepared for the rigours of the tracks out here. All bikes are equipped with 140 to 160mm of travel, short stems, wide bars, big brakes and tyres. You will just need all your regular riding kit plus knee pads. The maximum DH is an option from may to september in the nearest bike-parks wether in Spain, France or Andorra.
  • Price includes airport transfers from Barcelona or Girona, certified expert guiding, Half board accommodation, a stock of refreshing drinks, beers, snacks, energy bars in the support vehicle, fully stocked workshop, secure bike storage, laundry facilities.

Choose one or mix them, find out an overview about our 3 enduro trips:

Enduro Tour Pyrenees

You can count on empty trails, no braking bumbs, no fire roads and nothing groomed. Each stage has between 7 and 25 kilometers down, from 2500 mts above the sea level down to 800 mts. Tracks are long but riders will have the advantage of lift access to give their legs a break between taking on the steep, rugged and technical mountain side. The largely unknown trails will be rided leading you through abandoned villages and ancient forests against the backdrop of the stunning Pyrenees Mountains.

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Enduro Tour Barcelona

We offer different terrains, combining different natural areas within no more than 50 minuts transfer from the city center. Mediterranean’s coastal tracks and Barcelona surroundings mountains with huge trail networks have the added bonus of being able to head back to the seaside by the beach for a well earned gelato at the end of the day…besides living Bcn’s beat from the inside.

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Enduro Tour Girona

We will see riders tackling the iconic trails of this area that features an incredible trail network dating back over the centuries brought back to life by the strong local mountain-biking community. It’s not strange to see Oton, Clementz, Chausson or Cedric Gracia training here. This trip will give a great tour of the area – famous for its geothermal pools, fern filled forests and flowing singletrack. Green hills plenty of climbing and a high number of shorter stages. Expect a classic French style enduro. it promises to offer a real adventure. with its incredible trails leading to sun drenched beaches,

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Weekend from 395€

Long Weekend (3days) from 495€

Week from 995€


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